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Acting jobs are jobs that are given to actors that are qualified for a certain job whether it is in television, motion picture or possibly on Broadway. Acting jobs are available for all skill levels of actors. Acting jobs for the less experienced or newcomer may involve parts as extras or very minor speaking parts on television or in movies. 

Acting can be an exciting profession but quite competitive. Acting jobs many times are acquired through talent agents. However, in some cases you may come across a newspaper ad or Internet ad which is looking for actors to fill certain jobs. 

For acting jobs that pay well and give person notoriety it almost always requires an actor to have an SAG Card. The Screen Actors Guild issues the card to qualified actors. To receive really good acting jobs you will have to have the SAG card to even be considered for such a job. 

In some cases, one audition that is done very well can earn a candidate their SAG card almost instantly. Acting jobs can be a great deal of fun and many of them will lead to great success within the business. However, some acting jobs may be sporadic which is good because the person is at least working occasionally. However, sporadic acting jobs will probably not lead to major stardom in the long run. 

Most acting jobs that are acquired through agents are called casting calls. Production companies or network executives put out casting calls to various agents in hopes o finding the correct person to fill a certain role that they have in mind. More established or well actors may not have to audition in order to receive an acting job. Sometimes established actors are offered acting jobs directly because of simply who they are. 

Acting jobs can also include commercials and public service announcements. Some major stars may have started out by doing a few short commercials. A well done commercial may be enough to become noticed by executives and other agents seeking new talent. One well done performance may be enough to get a major talent agency interested in an actor. Once an actor gains recognition many times acting jobs begin pouring in. Sometimes an established actor may turn down certain acting jobs for various reasons. 

If you are just starting out in the business it may be a good idea to accept any acting job offered. When acting jobs are offered to the less experienced it may be a wise choice to accept the job just for the experience. Acting jobs offered through talent agencies often require a contract to be signed. Make certain you understand the contact before you sign anything. 

Make sure any acting jobs that you are offered are through a reputable agency. There are some agencies that may employ unethical practices. Therefore, you must be cautious when dealing with any new talent agency. 

Acting jobs just like modeling jobs can be acquired through open call auditions. Open call auditions for acting jobs are many times advertised through the newspaper and on the Internet. Open call auditions for acting roles give anyone who is interested in the business a chance to be both seen and heard. Open call auditions can help an unknown actor launch an acting career.